Root Canal Therapy


Introducing Airport Bovaird Family Dentistry! If you’re grappling with an incessant toothache that seems relentless, chances are it’s harboring an infection within your dental pulp. This delicate inner tissue resides at the core of each tooth and encompasses, among other things, delicate nerves. Enter root canal therapy, the hero for rescuing teeth afflicted by such distress. Swiftly mending the damage and alleviating the accompanying agony, our procedure ensures minimal patient discomfort, in stark contrast to any misconceptions stemming from movies or television portrayals. If you’re eager to embrace a life free from dental discomfort, a root canal could very well be the solution you’ve been seeking.

Why You Shouldn’t Fear A Root Canal

At Airport Bovaird Family Dentistry, when you visit us due to a painful tooth, we’ll conduct a prompt examination. If our assessment indicates that a root canal could be beneficial, the procedure will entail several straightforward stages:

Our skilled team will administer local anesthetic to numb the affected area and your tooth. Subsequently, a small aperture will be carefully crafted in the enamel, allowing access to the infected pulp. The contaminated pulp will be removed, and the interior of the tooth will undergo a meticulous cleaning and filling process. A temporary restoration will be affixed to the tooth, followed by the placement of a new crown during a subsequent appointment. Contrary to common perception, the discomfort often linked to root canals actually arises from the infections they are designed to address. Patients frequently liken the actual procedure to receiving a minor filling, dispelling the misconception of excruciating agony.

Following a root canal procedure, your tooth may exhibit slight tenderness, but the improvement will be significant compared to your initial discomfort. Within a few days, you will experience a sense of normalcy, as if the tooth had never been problematic. It should regain its appearance and functionality, serving you well for many years ahead.

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